Professionalism, seriousness in custom’s service, full customers ‘ satisfaction.
According to those principles, in 1978 STUDIO TI SOC COOP has been founded.
An Engineering Company born in RIMINI (ITALY ) from a group of Civil and technological Engineers, specialized in technological plants projects, as air conditioning, heating, electric, sewage, hydraulic and others.

In a very short time STUDIO TI has became an organized multipurpose project Company, with the introduction of a new Group of Architects, New Engineers and high level professional figures, capable to offer services of integrated Engineering, Architectural, infrastructural, town planning and technological plants works.  The constant research and the ambition to develop our services to the higher professional levels , has produced a continuous and constant growing of our structure, that up to day has more than 80 professional figures among partners, cooperators and employees. 

STUDIO TI is today an Engineering Company for consulting. Project makers and job managing with a staff of very high level professionals.With prestigious “ Curricula Vitae “, that are working in National and International field with Construction Companies, Government Departments, private customers.  The aims of STUDIO TI are those to promote a research road thorough Culture, Professionalism, technology and of project maker in order to work for the man, his psychophysics health, in one environmental transforming process of the territory more favorable to the developing of a proper way of life, for the respect of all social, relationships, environment and different cultures. A radical revival of Architecture that means a great field of research of different interconnected disciplines.

STUDIO TI has been Certified in Quality System according UNI EN
ISO 9001/94 in Dec. 18 1996 . th