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Client: Rimini Fiera S.p.a.
Performance: Definitive Project, Executive, Security and Construction Supervision.
Project duration: 1997 - 1970
Construction value: 82.014.388,00 Euro
STUDIO TI services: Mechanical and Electrical and Sewerage Systems

The project plant engineering choices have taken into account the complete integration of the whole project, limiting the visibility/ invasiveness and guaranteeing an efficient flexibility, economic usage, ease of maintenance and management. In the exhibiting pavilion the large wooden roof covering has no installations except a lighting installation. Ventilation and air conditioning (approx 6.000 m2) in ensured through high induction long range motorized nozzles (positioned on the sides of the pavilion at a height of about 8 m) directed upwards in the summer (cooling) and downwards in winter (heating), guaranteeing the optimum microclimate of the whole area.
  Nuova Fiera Rimini

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