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Client: Milanofiori s.r.l.
Performance: Preliminary, Final and Executive Project
Project duration: 2005 - 2007
Construction value: 30.506.574,00 Euro
STUDIO TI services: Mechanical installations and electrical systems

New construction of a residential building with  105 housings
The entire residential building complex located inside Section  D4 in the Municipality of Assago (Milan), extends itself over a total surface of 14.956 sm and consists of  105 housings distributed over 5 levels out of the ground. It is also equipped with  a basement  destined to garages, cellars and public areas.
The planning of Milanofiori is the result of a close analysis of the territory, the utilization of  the available energy resources, the  raw materials used and the consequent environmental impact as well as the comfort for occupants with particular attention to Energy Saving and the reduction of CO² Emissions in the environment.
The use of bioclimatic green houses as fundamental architectural components for the achievement of a significant energy saving, has allowed the creation of intermediate spaces between the internal housings and the external balconies. These spaces are marked inside with a thermal-cut glass door and outside with a glass door  with open  sliding joints for the natural ventilation. During  wintertime the bioclimatic greenhouse, thanks to its double glass wall, collects thermal energy and limits the dispersion from internal spaces to the outside. When the external glass door is opened during the summer months, the overhang floor placed above the internal glass door creates a great shade, reducing solar exposure and the consequent refrigerating load.
The planning group, sensible to environmental issues, has adopted  solutions that are capable  of limiting the waste of drinkable water by thinking of an alternative non drinkable water supplying.
The production of heat for the entire building is provided by a central heating cogeneration plant . As for the production of cold, on the contrary, the realization of a condominium refrigeration plant has been considered.

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