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Client: Archea s.p.a.
Performance: Preliminary, Definitive and Executive and Construction Supervision
Project duration: 2007 - 2009
Construction value: 15.000.000,00 Euro
STUDIO TI services: Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Torre delle arti a Milano Arts Tower in Milan will host dwellings, services and shops at the feet of the new building. The idea to develop vertically, increasing the volumes available towards the top in order to free ground space is inspired by the directives of the Australian entrepreneur Babcock & Brown which, after having obtained the necessary building permits, has commenced a consultation with various Italian firms, choosing the solution that was considered best suited to create a building as dialectic expression between contemporariness and living tradition in Milan. As to the distributive and functional structure of the complex, there are four underground parking levels, for a total of 300 cars; the vertical development will comprise a ground floor with a combination of shops and dwellings, 22 floors with apartments, a restaurant on the 23rd floor and roof terraces, for a total height of 94 meters. The building will be faced in stone, while the areas within the furrows will be in earthenware covered by yellow 24 carat gold leaf, to render the grooves shiny and consequently visible even in nocturnal half-shade. The indoor-outdoor spaces of the apartments are characterized by a continuous system of loggias that filter the light, protecting the large windows; a kind of “double skin” that will make it possible to screen the face, at the same time guaranteeing a considerable energy saving. The building will be equipped with an advanced system for the control and management of the lighting: it will be visible at night thanks to a crepuscular photocell that will light the external lamps at sunset, while a software modifying the color will adapt the shades of the facades to the seasonal changes in light.


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